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Top Attractive Destinations in UAE :


For many people the main reason for traveling to the UAE is Dubai. Dubai is famous in the whole world for its iconic landmark that is Burj-Khalifa. Burj Khalifa is called the tallest building in the world. Secondly, Dubai is famous for its spice and gold markets. This is the destination that everyone once in a lifetime should visit here. Here we can find the perfect balance of religious culture and modernization. It has beautiful mosques and the world’s largest shopping mall is also present. You can book cheap flight tickets from UK to Dubai.


This attractive location is located on the Northside of Dubai. It is also one of the famous attractions like all other emirates. The famous Sharjah Natural History Museum is here, and many visitors educate themselves about the flora and fauna of the Arabian Desert. In Sharjah, there is traditional shops present which indulges tourists and visitors.


This location is situated on the East Coast of UAE. It is about 90 minutes drive away fromĀ  Dubai to Fujairah. Here there are crystal clear beaches which are full of sea life. There are many beach resorts present here, one of them naming Fairmont Fujairah Beach Resort. It consists of 181 guests at a time; it has a unique design of Arabesque and is well furnished. It has a separate balcony that gives the best view of the inspiring ocean. Here rooms are also made for special people with special needs and available on request. Fujairah is the main center of the city with tall office buildings. There are many shopping malls naming LuLu mall, Century Mall, and City Centre Fujairah Mall.

Umm Al Quwain:

This is located on the north side of the UAE. Unlike some of its neighbors, it hasn’t found any gas or oil. The revenue of this territory depends on hotels, tourism, trades, and fisheries, etc. The government has taken the initiative several times to promote the industrial area. In 2018 the government imposed fines on those businesses which did not renew their trade licenses.